The Church Turrets

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St Mary's Turrets Restoration

“Like the two turrets, may we be constant and resolute.”

The two turrets at the west end of the Church are a distinctive feature of St Mary's and of Newton and we had them restored in 2012 for future generations. Twin turrets are still quite rare on churches in England, so it is vital that regular maintenance is carried out to keep them, and the rest of the church, in good condition.

Examples of the way we raised the funds:

Ian and Simon Marshall and Matthew Burgess safely returned from cycling 100 miles along Cheshire's canals to raise money for the restoration of the towers- Thank you to all those who sponsored them. They raised well over £600.

Calendar & Photograph sales raised £442.

May Day Bonanza raised £792.49 - thank you.

Below is a brief breakdown of how the funds were raised to complete the restoration of the turrets. They don't really need further explanation and we thank everyone who did what they could.   


        Church donations & fundraising     12,092  

        In memory of Edith Batty,

        Ada Shaw & Lorna Taylor                1,095

        Other donations & fundraising         3,965

        Legacy from Cpl Harvey Holmes     42,339

        Grants                                          51,217

                             Total raised                              £110,708


“Like the two turrets, may we speak always of homecoming, of welcome and love.”


The next Big project

To undertake  the major repair to the Church roof which is expected to cost in excess of £100,000.

With your help, we will continue to raise funds for the restoration and maintenance of this beautiful historic church.