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  • Advent

    Advent 2014 started 30th November and thanks to some of our fantastic church family, the interior of St Mary's is looking spectacular and will remain so throughout Advent.

    Click the image below to see what we mean.


    The Christ in Christmas

    At this amazing time of year we can share another thoughtful poem by Alyssa which is shown below.

    Carols at the Sycamores

    The children's choir and a group of friends went to sing for the residents of the Sycamores in Newton. 

    The children sang some new songs they had been practising. Then we turned to favourite carols and the residents then joined in with their favourites.

    The children met and talked to Pam Hinchcliffe, who was the Rose Queen at St Mary’s in 1953. Pam was so pleased to see so many from St Mary’s and we hope to be able to arrange for her to visit.

    Another surprise was for Harold, who celebrates his 80th birthday on 25th November. We sang happy birthday and surprised him with a visit from his family.

    We left them all to enjoy Harold’s birthday celebrations well into the afternoon. More photos HERE.

    (Words by Linda Marshall and photos by Linda Hughes.)


    Ebola is an acute viral disease that attacks a victim’s internal organs. Symptoms start between two days and three weeks after contracting the virus and mirror many of the early signs of malaria and the flu such as being feverish, muscle pains and headaches which then typically develop into a rash, vomiting and diarrhoea. The liver and kidney functions of the patient both decrease and the body begins to bleed internally and externally. Due to these serious symptoms, and that as of yet there is no cure, the fatality rate is high as 9/10 patients who are diagnosed die.

    Once again, Alyssa has scripted a moving poem to highlight this aweful desease. Read it HERE.

    Remembrance Sunday 2014

    Photo GalleryRemembrance Sunday is when we all come together to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may live in peace today.

    After the service, we walked along Cartwright Street to the memorial soldier where we stood, gathered our thoughts, prayed, and paid tribute to our fallen family, friends, neighbours, and fellow human beings who gave so much that they couldn't have given any more.

    Please select the poignant image above to see our remembrance in photos.

    WW1 Commemoration

    During the year that we are commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War we have been given a lovely, thought provoking, poem written by Alyssa Faith Riley age 9 and we have pleasure in sharing this poem you all.

    Please Click Here to view Alyssa's poem 'Up Come the Poppies'.

    Alyssa has written another very moving poem titled 'The Day of the War' and it can be read HERE

    Alyssa has agreed to allow us to publish some of her writings and we are pleased to include them on our website. If you have a special talent that you want to share with us, please contact Bob - webmaster@stmarysnewton.org.uk

    Read 'Love Story' by Alyssa Faith Riley age 9 here

    Our church is 175 years old. Click Here to see the photos from the celebration on 7th September 2014

    St Mary’s is here to serve God in worship and prayer, and to serve all of the people of Newton & Flowery Field. We live to learn more of God and to speak His name through our actions and example. We believe the church should reach out into the community and beyond, therefore we work closely with other agencies in Newton & Hyde, so if we cannot meet a need we can direct you to the right place. We have links with New Charter Housing and social support. We are able to refer to foodbanks, we can also direct you to the right place to get debt support, benefit advice and health/employment issues.

    We offer friendship and companionship through our regular groups and we are a 'child friendly' church with lots of facilities for children and young people. 

    The best way to find out more is either to contact Rev'd Annie Woodcock, our vicar, or just to turn up on a Sunday morning at 10am . You will be most welcome, and you’ll probably meet someone you’ve not seen for ages.  It’ll be great to see you soon!

    Friendship Club out and about again

    Friendship Club goes to Rivington Barn

    Read Alyssa's poem 'Up Come the Poppies' here

    Alyssa has written another very moving poem titled 'The Day of the War' and it can be read here

    Charity Night - See the photos here

    Matthew Burgess 21 - Alyssa's poem can be viewed here

    Mega Makers 2014 - see the photos here

    Aru and Boga photos here

    Easter 2014 - see the lovely photos here


    Please read this and support St Mary's

    We have registered with easyfundraising.org.uk and this means that anyone who buys items online can help raise money for St Mary's. When you go through easyfundraising to purchase your items we get some money sent to us too, and it doesn't cost you a penny more. For example, when you login to easyfundraising and want to buy something from a store that they are partnered with, they direct you to that store and you then make your purchase in the usual way. By allowing them to direct you, we get some money sent to us, it's that simple.

    See the poster below for details, and if you want more help then see Angela Chorlton at church.


    A Saturday morning was set aside for all the children of St Mary's church to take part in a session for them to learn about the church service.

    We opened with a prayer and the Rev Annie gave an introduction to explain how 'Communion before Confirmation' is going to work.

    A very interesting talk about symbols that are used by God in his word and also symbols used in church. The children enjoyed the hands on experience of seeing and touching things and also looking for God under the Altar. They also enjoyed the incense, in which Ian gave an excellent display. After this, the children got a chance to sit back and listen to a play about Jesus and Peter at the 'Last Supper' acted out by John and Ian.

    Head dresses were worn by almost everyone while they ate the bread and drank the 'wine' (blackcurrant).

    Just before the end, the children had a little activity to do to remind them of the morning, and to remember Jesus. They were each given a child-friendly service book and Rev Annie 'walked' through the story of the Last Supper once again.

    We are glad to note that the morning was a great success, and we look forward to seeing the children take their first communion.

    Well done children and God Bless you - See more photos HERE


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